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About Us

For over 45 years, the founders and executives at Entrepreneur® have asked, “How can we harness our experience and resources to create a differentiated venture firm?” This firm would need to combine the dependability of a traditional firm, the autonomy of an established VC, and a founder’s know-how. Additionally, it would require access to Entrepreneur®’s network, products, global reputation, and the freedom to invest directly.

We are excited to introduce Entrepreneur Ventures, an independent venture capital firm committed to investing in and supporting entrepreneurs.

We devote energy to engaging with and nurturing entrepreneurs in the earliest stages of company building.

Our operating partners, team, and network of advisors collaborate to provide comprehensive support to startups right from the beginning. EV also assists startups in connecting with Entrepreneur’s network, offering exclusive access to our extensive reach, which includes 20 million unique website visitors, 3.6 million readers, and 16 million social followers, to support early traction and growth.

Entrepreneurship is part of our DNA, and we recognize that a vital part of a startup’s journey often involves securing capital. However, it also demands the right mindset, assembling the right team, developing the right product, and selecting the right partners.

Although obtaining capital has become more accessible, the venture aspect of VC remains challenging. Establishing a high-growth company that endures through generations and fosters widespread, equitable change is insanely hard.

We hope your relationship with us is one of the best parts of the whole journey.




For over 45 years, the founders and executives at Entrepreneur® asked, How can we harness our brand, reach, access, experience, and resources to create a unique venture firm?


Founded as Entrepreneur Ventures, an independent venture capital firm in partnership with Entrepreneur Media, giving us access to Entrepreneur®’s brand, reach, audience, experience, and resources.

Our legacy

Our brand and legacy embody our core values. We strive to identify and support entrepreneurs with unwavering resilience, determination, and an enduring spirit that spans generations. The cornerstone of our journey lies in fostering meaningful relationships with those we invest in, and we hope one of the most reliable parts of the journey is the relationship with us.

Meet the team

Our team of experienced founders, operators, and builders have collectively raised and managed over $500 million in venture capital for various startups and funds. Our diverse expertise and backgrounds enable us to provide unparalleled support and insight to the founders we choose to invest in.

Jonathan Hung

General Partner

Danny Beckett Jr.

General Partner

Bill Shaw


Ryan Shea


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