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For over four decades, the founders and executives at Entrepreneur® have been contemplating how to create a venture firm that combines the best of all worlds: the reliability of a traditional firm, the independence of an established VC, and the invaluable insights of a founder. Add to that the access to Entrepreneur®’s extensive network, products, global reputation, and the freedom to invest directly, and you’ve got a truly unique fund.

“I firmly believe that our unique approach at Entrepreneur Ventures, combining the expertise and resources of our seasoned founders with the passion and ingenuity of the modern entrepreneur, will pave the way for groundbreaking innovation and success. We’re not just offering capital; we’re providing the essential tools, guidance, and network to empower entrepreneurs in their quest to make a lasting impact on the world.” – Ryan Shea, CEO of Entrepreneur Media

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Entrepreneur Ventures, an independent venture capital firm dedicated to investing in and supporting entrepreneurs from Day 1.

At Entrepreneur Ventures, we understand the importance of engaging with and nurturing founders in the earliest stages of company building. Our operating partners, team, and network of advisors work closely together to provide comprehensive support to startups right from the get-go. We also help connect startups with Entrepreneur’s network, granting them exclusive access to our impressive reach, which includes 20 million unique website visitors, 3.2 million readers, and 15.8 million social followers, to help propel traction and growth.

We believe that entrepreneurship is in our DNA. We recognize that securing capital is a crucial part of a startup’s journey, but we also understand that it takes more than just money to succeed. The right mindset, the right team, the right product, and the right partners from Day 1 are equally important.

While obtaining capital has become increasingly accessible, the venture aspect of VC remains a challenge. Building a high-growth company that stands the test of time and fosters widespread, equitable change is no easy feat. Our mission is to make your relationship with us one of the best parts of your entire entrepreneurial journey.

Join us at Entrepreneur Ventures as we embark on this exciting new chapter, and together, let’s redefine the future of entrepreneurship.